Friday, June 24, 2016

The Passing of Spring | A Veiw of The Future

And just like that, spring was gone. 

The cycle, the new life, the breath, the sun, it is all coming to it's prime; summer. The time of break, of rest, at least for some of us with school, and some, I included, have finished the schooling of our childhood and now look toward the world unknown. The season of change is upon us. We have graduated.

But there is now this middle ground, an inhale before the plunge into that tide sweeping us away to the oceans of the world. Some know exactly where the current is taking them, others do not, *raises hand*. Some will float to colleges, some to other countries, some straight into a profession, and others will simply drift until they hit land, wherever that might be. But the thing that binds us together is that we are chasing a dream, a new life, a strive to find our path in this world, to fulfill God's will for our lives.

I will admit that the concept of life after high school has always been a mystery to me. And quite frankly, it still is. The ground right in front of my feet; that blank, bare, and ardently small space that my silhouette will cast it's shadow upon soon enough, is the space that is illuminated by my knowledge of where I am going down this road, by my knowledge of where God is taking me. It is not a nicely paved road like it seems others are, nor is it desolate and barren; it is my path, and I know where I'll soon be in that near future, and I know not what will happen beyond.

I am learning to be okay with that.

To be content with the unknown, that blurring together of what could be, would be, will be. And sometimes we feel the pull of it, that anxiety that holds us to the ground, a suffocation it is; but we really just want to let go and sore up to the clouds, chasing those dreams that we throw up to heaven and watch as they form in constellations or clouds born on a western wind of thought. Sometimes we sink, down into the deep where the waters turn black and you can't tell which way is up; and so we drown out the possibilities, the could be's, the what if's, and turn to what we think is best rather than what could be.

And so I have created an image of how it feels to look into a future unsure, of that time that we see nothing, just the dark water that drags us deep down into doubt. It is a reminder, a memento to what one may feel at times, but a reminder I will choose it to be, for it is an image I strive to move on from, to look behind at, and to accept.

And I hope the same for you my friends.