Monday, October 31, 2016

Rachel's Senior Adventures

 The sleepy clouds rolled in slowly, like a stretch and a yawn and a shiver that runs down the spin as eyes open to a new day. The sun bid us a drowsy good morning as it peaked through the clouds every now and then while we drove down roads much tread by memory and times past, a ribbon of time that wound it's way to the mountains. Ah yes, the mountains; they welcomed us with hands rough with the cares of time, but gentle, like a firm handshake from a kind old gentleman.

Yes, to the mountains we went; a refuge they are, a place to go to get away from all that is rush and hurry and go, a place you can simple breath. And it was a joy to go to such a place to create pictures. It is not every day I get to take photos of viola playing maidens who walk bare foot, well, at least upon request, whose music spills over to join in a duet with waterfalls. We followed the sounds of the stream down to where colors of Autumn still braved the winds of Wyoming and held on to the trees. Ducking around branches that desperately wanted to poke and grab at us, we made it to corners of orange and red and took photos in the smooth light, and then scampered through hills and paths and tall grass, posing with books and letting hair fly with the wind.

I miss Wyoming, the plains that stretch and stretch away with nothing hindering their wide escape, the stars that aren't snuffed out by city lights, and yes even the wind. It is a place of memory, a story always seems to be on the breeze of times made true by hard work and perseverance; it runs so deep in that place.

I must say, Rachel was such a joy to work with; braving the woods and streams and tall grass and the many times I had her fling her hair or spin in circles. Her and her family are dear friends of mine, and when they asked me, somewhat in a spur of the moment, to take photos of her while I was in Wyoming ( and staying in their house and being the best man in their sons wedding and sleeping in a cabin... no big deal), I couldn't have been more happy. As I said, it is not everyday I get to do what I did, and I am glad I had a chance to work with amazing people in amazing places.

It was, so truly, the best way to end my visit to Wyoming.