Friday, April 29, 2016

Nathan + Kaitlian | Engagement Photos

The sun was slowly slipping into slumber as they hiked high up in the sequoias, the big trees as their canopy, wild flowers nodding at them as they walked by. Nathan saw the sun setting and thought that it was time. He asked if they could go up to a rock that would be perfect to watch the sun fall asleep. Agreeing that this was a wonderful idea, Kaitlin obliged, but needed a break and some water. I can only imagine the feelings going on in Nathan's mind at this point. Maybe he was reminiscing the first time they said a word to each other, when she bummed his foot while on a bus in San Fransisco and said sorry.

They made it to the rock as the sun painted the sky. He turned to her, bent his knee, and asked her to marry him in the midst of God's artistry.

She said yes.

And now, they blossom; the prince and the princess. Sharing glances across large rooms, faces beaming. Conversations about the Bible over coffee. Hiking in the woods. Volunteering at church functions. Together. 

I was so excited and honored that these two wanted me to take their engagement photos. We adventured through groves of trees and hidden corners, slipping through crooked fences to pose along well worn paths and balance on river stones. Hart Park is one of my favorite places to be in Bakersfield, and I was thrilled they wanted to take photos there, even though I am still pulling cat tales (is that what they're called?) out of my shoe from our stint in the tall grass.

Also, this was my first session that I drove myself too. Just me. No one else. In a car. I was a little excited. 

I must say, the only thing I had to do was ask them to look at each other and they would glow, their love bursting from their faces and the adorableness was just explosive. They were truly amazing people to work with, and I can not wait for the wedding!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bunches of Flowers | Thoughts On Spring

Those small, soft, delicious moments of the day's eve, still and quiet. I almost think they were made for listening. To close the eyes and feel the earth sway, to shift; the changing of light to dark. But it is too special a moment to keep from sight, the light of the sun and moon colliding, mingling but for a breath of time in their exchange of reign. These are the things that sit in our bones after the sun's farewell, the lullaby of the earth. 

Spring. Those few young months of the new year that are so fleeting. The sun, in its haste, flies past wishing for summer; the prime of its command.

But, there is a breath. An inhale, before the sting of summer. Of growth, of color, the life returning after death; the metaphor of Christ, the promise to the Christian. It is a time of rejoice, of laughter and dancing in the young light. For planting, not just of seed, but of feet also, I think, in the warm earth. Letting our hearts stretch and grow like the wild flowers reaching toward the sun.

Yet, for me, it is a time of restlessness. A stirring inside of me, to fly, to grow, to be with the flowers and birds and trees. But it is in the moments that I take to be still, to be quiet, to breath; on afternoons watching the sun, or the mornings spent watering the lavender and rosemary. Taking photos in small corners of the house or Bible studies in the dwindling spring light. These are the little things that keep the restlessness at bay, and as the earth returns from winter slumber, I will purpose to be content.

What are the things you most enjoy about spring?