Monday, November 16, 2015

It Finally Feels Like Autumn

  Autumn. What a beautiful season this is.
  I don't have any special photo to share in this post, just a simple leaf. A little leaf hanging on to the branch it grew up on, clinging to it's relatives of the same bough. I can imagine it gazing down on it's dead kin laying upon the soft earth below, trembling with dread for the inevitable end it has been traveling to all summer, the same end this little leaf has witnessed others meet throughout the Autumn season. Maybe this is the sound we hear when the wind passes through the branches of trees. Perhaps the wind it just a silent exhale from mountains far away and all we hear are the hushed screams of desperation drift through the air as the leaves are snatched away from their life on the arms of their tree and descend to the ground in their coats of Autumn hues. 
  Could this be the reason clouds cry?
  I think my favorite part about this time of year is that every time I step outside and the chilled air hits my skin, I am overcome with wonder of the masterful artistry of God and with every breath of air, every color, every scent, I am so captivated in fascination that each step excites me. I am also prone to let my mind wander through a world I do not live in, letting my imagination sore with clouds that mourn and mountains that breath.

   I am going to ask a question. I am hesitant to do this for I don't really know if anyone will respond, but I have concluded that it won't hurt to try.
  If you could allow any one thing that is naturally inaudible speak in the human tongue, what would you choose?
  If I could ever have this choice, I would choose a tree. They have always been something that has captured my curiosity. Would this have anything to do with my reading of the Lord of The Rings and my adoration of those books? Definitely.
  Specifically, I would very much like to talk with a might oak or a swaying birch. I wonder if their voices would differ. Would they have an abundance of wisdom from ancient years in the earth, or do they sleep through the years?
  Well, that's my choice. What would you choose?